One Spectacular Beach Property, Las Tablas, Panama
One Spectacular Beach Property, Las Tablas, Panama

We are three guys...

...who live in Costa Rica and all come to the table with decades of international real estate experience.


Way back in 2006 our goal was to find the most beautiful Azuero Peninsula property available.


My partners and I spent the better part of a year searching the already developing east side of the Azuero Peninsula. It seemed that most of properties that we visited had problems and many still do! The issues we encountered included squabbling family members, helter-skelter beach houses, squatter's shacks, mangroves, nearby smelly shrimp farms or the fincas were simply not titled to the beach.


We developed a strict search criteria and also, being developers, decided that we wanted to be near the beautiful and fast growing, colonial pueblo of Las Tablas.


This finca is the land we eventually purchased, which was by all of our criteria the finest property of its size and with the greatest potential in the entire area. Even now there are no beach dwellings in sight for miles. One can still feel that rare joy of solitude on a morning walk by the ocean!


With the passing of over fifteen years, the partners have now decided to put up this website in order to begin the process of marketing this extreamly unique property.

Partner Steve on beach near high tide, looking south.
Michael during first visit to the property. It was love at first sight!


Michael Reif

Dept. 40 - SJO

P.O. Box 25331

Miami, FL 33102


Phone USA: +1 305 735-8061+1 305 735-8061

Costa Rica +(506) 8845-0123



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Unique fresh water feature!

Unique among properties in the area, our land has fresh water at the surface, almost centered on the property in the form of a pond that runs in a stream east to the ocean! While adding topographical interest, it also yields an excellent, tropical landscaping potential.

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