One Spectacular Beach Property, Las Tablas, Panama
One Spectacular Beach Property, Las Tablas, Panama

14.28 hectares with 270 meter beachfront!

GENERALLY SPEAKING: Our land is located less than five miles due east of Las Tablas and consists of a little over 14 hectares that form a well-shaped, east-west rectangle inclined gently toward the sea. It is fully titled to the beach (22 meters from the median hightide) and has sunrise ocean-views from every square meter of the land. The property boasts 269.9 linear meters of actual beachfront. It is contiguous with and just south of Punta Coco (a geographic landmark) and is only 200 meters north of the beautiful new residential beach development, Villas Coco del Mar. Electricity and public roads already arrive to within 100 meters of the land from the north. The neighbors are friendly and collaborative.

PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY: Unique for its size and orientation, this property offers an idyllic setting on the Pacific Ocean, or more technically, on the Bay of Panama, which encompasses all the water between the Azuero Peninsula and Panama City (check the map page). Importantly the area has abundent and proven fresh water resources with wells averaging only 30 meters deep! There are no squatters or ramshackle beach houses anywhere to be seen! For that reason, even though there are middle class and upper middle class dwellings out of sight to the north and south, ours really feels like a virgin, private beach! The land lies topographically in three lobes with a seasonally replentished, fresh water pond near the center of the property. This pond gives rise to a small creek, lined with trees and bushes, which flows all the way to the beach adding topographical interest. The ocean can not only be seen, but heard from all areas of the property.

Looking east accross almost the entire property.
An arial photo of the land, marked with yellow "pins". You can see the pond and trees defining the stream. Also note the public road running along the north side.
From the ocean looking west across the property.
Our beach, cloudy day, high tide looking North at Punta Coco.
Our local inhabitants are healthy and happy.
A neighbor has a contract with us to run cows on our property in order to keep the grasses trimmed. The surface water and ocean breezes make it desirable for grazing even during dry season.


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Phone USA: +1 305 735-8061+1 305 735-8061

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Unique fresh water feature!

Unique among properties in the area, our land has fresh water at the surface, almost centered on the property in the form of a pond that runs in a stream east to the ocean! While adding topographical interest, it also yields an excellent, tropical landscaping potential.

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