One Spectacular Beach Property, Las Tablas, Panama
One Spectacular Beach Property, Las Tablas, Panama

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Our 14.2 hectare beach property is located only 5 miles due east of Las Tablas, just south and contigous with Punta Coco and only 200 meters north of the lovely new residential beach development, Villas Coco del Mar.

Aerial photo with yellow pins defining borders of the property. Note the location of the water feature and bushes lining the stream of fresh water leading to the beach. The public road entrance runs all the way to the Northern mid-section of the property.
You can see the new, national 4-lane highway ends at Las Tablas, the capitol of the provence of Los Santos.
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Michael Reif

Dept. 40 - SJO

P.O. Box 25331

Miami, FL 33102


Phone USA: +1 305 735-8061+1 305 735-8061

Costa Rica +(506) 8845-0123



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Unique fresh water feature!

Unique among properties in the area, our land has fresh water at the surface, almost centered on the property in the form of a pond that runs in a stream east to the ocean! While adding topographical interest, it also yields an excellent, tropical landscaping potential.

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